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Experienced in Franchise Development, Management, Sales, Systems and Operations, Carmen Chávez de Hesse is a Franchise expert who has been in the Franchise Industry for over 20 years. She has supported numerous businesses in the restaurant, lifestyle, fitness, pet, medical and real estate industries in scaling quickly, intelligently and systematically.

A former dolphin trainer, Carmen noticed quickly how dolphins get what they want even when they can't see it. Through echolocation, dolphins send out sound waves that bounce back to help them identify the distance between where they are and where they want to go. 

Similarly, many entrepreneurs, franchisees and franchisors know exactly where they want to go. Echo Growth Strategies provides the coaching, systems, processes and training they need to achieve their business goals. 


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“Carmen is a self-starter and compassionate toward those to whom she is responsible. She can be counted on, is very organized and detail oriented. Most of all, she is a joy to work with due to her optimistic attitude toward everyone and everything.”

Roger Boomer
Principal Consultant, Boomer Consulting

"Forever grateful to Carmen; she is a wealth of knowledge and a shining example of professionalism. If you are looking to Franchise or License, Carmen is a master consultant. She took me from an idea to Licensing in a quick and easy process. I love the way she thinks outside the box and makes it happen."

Tracie Arlington
CEO/Licensor, Play it Safe Defense 

"Carmen supported me and Avi, Pastalini Owner during Pastalini franchise formation.
She was the one who put together our FDD and Operations Manual. Later on, she was supporting our sales and marketing including working with potential leads, preparing marketing materials, running day of discovery, and anywhere else we needed advice and support. She brings more than 20 years of franchise experience and outgoing action-based personality. Any franchisor would be thrilled to have Carmen on their team. I am very grateful for an opportunity to work with Carmen, and to learn from her."

Naomi Chen
CFO/Franchisor, Pastalini Restaurant Group

Where Does Echo Come From?

Echo Growth Strategies is based on the premise of a Dolphin’s sixth sense of Echolocation - a process that permits dolphins to send out sound waves that when they hit on an object, are bounced back, allowing them to sense, measure, and locate their intended target.

Applying a similar principle to scaling businesses, we’re on a mission to help entrepreneurs see where they can grow by helping them get clear on their vision and map an intentional course of action to reach their target.