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Founder of Echo Growth Strategies

I'm Carmen Chavez de Hesse

My Specialties Include
  • Strategic Planning for Franchise or License Growth Models
  • Corporate Readiness Evaluation for Small Businesses and Potential Franchisors
  • Operational Foundation and Support Infrastructure
  • Operations Manuals and System Development
  • Legal Liaison for Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Creation, Review, and Renewals
  • University Design and Training for Franchsiors, Franchisees and Area Representatives
  • Franchise Purchase and/or Exit Evaluations

Who I Work With

Emerging Brands

We help young brands navigate growth opportunities within their business model towards their second or multiple locations.

Are you ready to enter the world of franchising or licensing? We will educate you on your options and guide you along the way. Working to build a strong operational foundation designed to support your expected growth at every stage.

Fast-Growing Franchisors

Business is booming, your franchise network is growing! Now what?

Echo Growth Strategies is here to help every step of the way. We work with intention to promote a pro-active and positive Franchisor, Franchisee relationship from day one.   From on-boarding to training, and celebrating grand openings and 1st anniversaries; we build the foundational operational systems and processes necessary to support your growing franchise network at every stage.

Burgeoning Franchisees

An old adage in franchising is that “You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself”. Add to that the comments you may have heard during the discovery process; that “your success or failure will be highly dependent on your ability as an entrepreneur”. 

As an entrepreneur and a franchisee, what is your confidence level? Do you feel overwhelmed with business planning,  daily operations, and implementing the systems as set forth by your franchisor?

We can help.  Years of experience in coaching and auditing franchise locations has shown us how to best support the entrepreneur and the franchise network. Many small businesses need a coach, an unbiased support system and the knowingness that their own goals to scale their business are attainable.

Let’s tailor an action plan for your business, one that supports you as an entrepreneur, the franchise and most importantly a plan that meets your “WHY” for aligning with your brand.

Small Business Owners


Are you feeling tired or overwhelmed with your day-to-day operations? Business is good, almost too good, so you know you want to grow it, but where do you start?

Our motto is “disciplined systems breed freedom”, we’ve seen time and time again that when companies focus first on building a strong operational foundation within their organization, you as the solopreneur, entrepreneur, or petprenuer will be freed up to focus on growing your business (without you). It’s to say that you become the driver not the doer in your business. A critical first step towards growing or duplicating your business model in another location. 

We are here to help you plan, strategize, and put your action steps into motion so you can grow with purpose and with a team that understands your vision and is ready to support you.

Whether you're getting started or fully launched, I've been there.

Here are some brands I've helped.

My services range from ….

On demand coaching, one to six month projects, annual retainer, and virtual support on an ongoing basis all tailored towards navigating the best way to capture your BIG PICTURE vision for your brand.

See Packages

ECHO On Demand

On demand coaching and virtual support for your brand.

Accountability coaching and collaboration too.

ECHO Insight

Initial Discovery Session

Explore your options to Grow with Purpose

90 Minutes

ECHO Franchise or License Launch

Legal liaison for FDD formation or legal structure.

Strategic Action Plan and Budget to Launch.

Educational and operationally focused.

6-Month Engagement

ECHO Readiness Assessment

Unit Economics

Support Matrix / Gap Analysis

Feasibility Study

Systems & Process Review

One-Page Action Plan

1-Month Engagement

ECHO Franchisor University

Franchsior Initial Training

Building, supporting, and sustaining a positive and collaborative franchise network.

5-Day Workshop in San Diego, CA

ECHO Documentation and Training Design

Operations Manual Review & Design

Customized DIY Docs

Project Management

Sales Processes and Day of Discovery Design

Franchise University Design and Teaching

Area Developer Initial Training Design and Teaching


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